International students

Courses offered in English

International students, especially Erasmus students coming from our partner universities, are welcome!

The following courses are taught in English in the course of Computer Engineering (both Master or Bachelor):

  • Data Bases 2 21053-E1 6CFU, semester: 1, Bachelor/Master
  • Multimedia Internet 21053-E2 6CFU, semester: 2, Bachelor/Master
  • Embedded and Real-time Systems 210 38-ENG 6CFU, semester: 1, Bachelor/Master
  • Control System Technology 21065-ENG 6CFU, semester: 2, Bachelor/Master
  • Statistical Learning and Optimization (module Statistical Learning) 38091-MOD2 6CFU, semester: 2, Master
  • Statistical Learning and Optimization (module Optimization) 38091-MOD1 3CFU, semester: 2, Master
  • Advanced Data Management and Laboratory 38093 9CFU, semester: 1, Master
  • Advanced Data Management 38100 6CFU, semester: 1, Master
  • Machine Learning 38094 6CFU, semester: 2, Master
  • Adaptive Learning, Estimation and Supervision of Dynamical Systems 38095 6CFU, semester: 1, Master
  • Statistics for High Dimensional Data and CompStat Laboratory 38097 9CFU, semester: 1, Master
  • Statistics for High Dimensional Data 38106 6CFU, semester: 1, Master
  • Computer Security 38103 6CFU, semester: 2, Master

The following courses are related to topics of Computer Science or Engineering, and they are taught in English:

  • Operations Research 22015-ENG 6 CFU, semester: 1, MGMT, Bachelor
  • Production Management 22060-ENG 9CFU, semester: 2, MGMT, Bachelor
  • Quality Management Systems 22027-ENG 6CFU, semester: 1, MGMT, Bachelor/Master
  • Information Management 22026-ENG 6CFU, semester: 2, MGMT, Bachelor - Master
  • Biomedical Engineering Applications 95017-ENG 6CFU, semester: 2, HEALTH, Bachelor
  • Health Technology Assessment 95019-ENG 9CFU, semester: 2, HEALTH, Bachelor
  • Data Analysis for Business Analytics 37194-E1 6CFU, semester: 1, MGMT, Master
  • Continuous Improvement and Quality Management 37199-ENG 6CFU, semester: 1, MGMT, Master
  • Startup and Digital Transformation 37205-ENG 6CFU, semester: 2, MGMT, Master
  • Digital Innovation and Management (DIM) LAB 37208-ENG 6CFU, semester: 2, MGMT, Master
  • Smart Sensors and Electronic Systems 39168-ENG 9CFU, semester: 1, MECHATR & STE, Master
  • Data Science and Automation 39170-ENG 6CFU, semester: 2, MECHATR & STE, Master
  • Databases and Security 148011 6CFU, semester: 1, HEALTH, Master

HEALTH = Engineering and Management for Health; MECH = Mechanical Engineering; MECHATR & STE = Mechatronics and Smart Technology Engineering;  MGMT = Management Engineering.

There are other courses tough in English which can be inserted in the learning agreements of incoming students.